Wedding preparations, however stressful, are a beautiful and emotional period in the life of the soon-to-be-married couples. However, planning the wedding is often challenging due to the amount of tasks and things to take care of in order for the wedding to be as perfect as you imagined. Whether it is going to be a small reception or a huge party, as a future husband and wife you need to display good organisational skills, lots of patience and a huge amount of free time. Where should you start your wedding preparations then? Download our wedding planner to your mobile phones and plan your big day step by step!

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  1. Why is a mobile app a better choice than a paper planner?
  2. A mobile app that makes organising your wedding a piece of cake!
  3. Wedding planner – countdown to wedding in style
  4. Wedding planner – what functions does the mobile app have?
  5. A to-do list – planning your wedding step by step
  6. What else does our wedding planner offer?
  7. Wedding planner – a wedding guest list
  8. Table plan in the mobile app
  9. Wedding app – that’s not all!
  10. Wedding planner – the wedding budget

Why is a mobile app a better choice than a paper planner?

An on-line wedding planner is the most convenient and functional solution for the soon-to-be-married couples. It can be accessed at any time, which allows the engaged couple to use its features whenever they need.

Such an interactive wedding planner is much clearer, easy to use and flexible. The mobile app offered by the Classy Wedding portal can be easily adjusted to match your needs. With it you will be able to plan your perfect wedding and reception without wasting a lot of time.

Wedding countdown app wedding

A mobile app that makes organising your wedding a piece of cake!

You no longer have to worry about organising your wedding – with the help of our mobile app you can forget about forgetting to do something. You can check the preparation stages at any time and see if any of them require your attention. Our app is not only a wedding planner — it also has some additional features that will make your wedding preparations pleasant, fun and even more emotional! With the help of the wedding planner nothing will slip your mind.

Wedding planner – countdown to wedding in style

Counting down the days to your wedding is pleasantly exciting and that’s why you should check how many days are left to the big event of your lives each day. This time passes really quickly. You’re going to see it for yourself.

The mobile app from Classy Wedding allows you to effectively check the remaining time by using practical widgets within the planner! Our wedding planner is full of beautiful and original widget motifs for every occasion. We’re certain that both brides and grooms will enjoy them!

Set the widget on your phone screen and it will display your names, the number of days remaining to the wedding and a quote suitable to each of the days. Perhaps today you should be celebrating the International Hugging Day or attend a fitting for your wedding dress?

Wedding planner countdown days to wedding

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Wedding planner – what functions does the mobile app have?

Countdown to wedding and the possibility to adjust the widgets aren’t the only functions which are offered by our app. What else can you find in the mobile planner and in what way can the on-line version assist you?

A to-do list – planning your wedding step by step

The to-do list is the first of the functions offered by the wedding planner. In what way can such a detailed plan be useful? First of all, it will help you easily plan the wedding step by step, making sure you won’t forget about anything during the wedding preparations.

The tasks in the app are divided into stages. Depending on the stage you’re in, you can find useful tips on what should you pay attention to at the particular moment. What’s the best time to choose the wedding hall, search for the dream wedding dress or order invitations? Our wedding planner will help you answer these and many more questions.

The list from the wedding planner can be freely modified to suit your needs. If you wish to remove a task from a certain stage or add a new one that is not on the list you can easily do it.

Some of the tasks also have a handy list of questions which can be helpful when contacting the wedding service providers. The question list is very detailed and it has some important points to have in mind while planning the wedding. What’s more, you can download a PDF file with suggested questions or save it on your phone.

Wedding planner menu

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What else does our wedding planner offer?

Besides a detailed to-do list, which makes planning the wedding much easier, our mobile app offers other useful functions. What are they? The wedding planner allows you to create a detailed guest list and a table plan for the guests.

Wedding planner – a wedding guest list

An adjustable list of guests is the next function offered by our app. It allows you to edit and add any changes within the wedding plan. You can add new guests or create groups, depending on whether you want to assign the guests into certain categories (family, friends, acquaintances) or not.

Moreover, you can include all the important information about your guests. What can they be? For example, information on which of the guests have received and accepted the invitation or whether any of the guests requires a special diet, accommodation or transport.

You can also add accompanying persons for your guests and create a note for each one of them. The ready list can be easily downloaded as a PDF file, and this in turn will help you prepare the wedding menu taking into account the allergies and specific needs of every guest. It will also help you create table cards or order gifts for your guests.

wedding guest list pdf wedding app

Table plan in the mobile app

When the guest list is officially complete, you can begin thinking about seating your guests. The table plan offered by our wedding planner allows you to assign the guests to specific tables at which you want them to be seated. Such professional planning will help you or the reception service to place the table cards and can be helpful in serving the dishes, e.g. for vegetarians.

table plan for a wedding mobile app

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Wedding app – that’s not all!

Planning your expenses is a very important matter while organising a wedding. Determining the budget you can use while organising the wedding and reception is a key thing in making sure you won’t get surprised by any expenses. This also can be made easier with our wedding planner thanks to the budget planning function.

Wedding planner – the wedding budget

A continuous control over your expenses and preparation of calculations will help you determine how much money you can spend on particular services such as the suit, the dress or the decorations for the wedding hall. The budget will also show you which expenses need to be reduced and which of the planned items you need to resign from.

When you enter the entire available budget and the particular expenses, you can instantly see a summary of all of the wedding costs in the app. You can also add notes to the services, such as reminders on upcoming payments.

Progress of preparations wedding planner

Wedding planner

  • What is the wedding planner for?

    The wedding planner is a perfect tool to plan your wedding and reception. By using the wedding application you can organise your dream ceremony step by step without forgetting anything. With the help of the wedding planner you can be sure not to skip even the tiniest details, and planning your wedding will be sheer pleasure.

  • What functions are available in the wedding planner?

    The wedding planner is a phone application, in which you will find many useful functions. A to-do list divided into stages will help you organise your wedding, alongside a guest list which you can create yourself by using the wedding planner. Apart from that, the application includes a table plan, a wedding budget and a wedding countdown.

  • Where can I download the wedding planner from?

    Our wedding planner is available for devices with both Android OS and iOS. You can download the mobile app from the Google Play store and the AppStore, depending on the device you have.

  • How much is the mobile wedding application?

    You need to purchase a subscription to use the wedding planner. The fee associated with the use of the mobile application depends on the country in which you are using the planner. To check the subscription fee in your country, find our application in Google Play or AppStore.