Organising a wedding may often be challenging. Time runs out quickly and you have to take care of many things to plan the most important event of your lives. How can you organise your wedding step by step then? With the help of our mobile app!

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  1. Organising a wedding – where to start the planning?
  2. Organising a wedding step by step – make use of the to-do list in our mobile app!
  3. Wedding budget in the mobile app – a simple calculator which will help you determine all wedding costs
planning a wedding with wedding planner

Organising a wedding – where to start the planning?

One of the most important things when organising a wedding is a proper plan! A detailed to-do list related to the wedding preparations will help you plan out the necessary tasks and make sure nothing slips your mind. In order to avoid unnecessary stress you should take care of a proper organisation.

The wedding preparations are usually divided into few stages, which in turn include several tasks to complete. A detailed description makes it easier to follow the progress of the preparations, i.e. tasks already completed, in progress and not started yet.

planning a wedding with mobile app

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Organising a wedding step by step – make use of the to-do list in our mobile app!

In our wedding planner you can find a to-do list which will guide you through all the stages of organising a wedding step by step. The list available in the mobile app is divided into 7 stages which contain several tasks to complete depending on how much time is left until your wedding.

The first stage includes tasks related to determining the wedding date and choosing the place for both the wedding and the reception. In the second stage you will face the choice of the wedding service suppliers (the photographer, the band or the decoration company), and in the third one you will choose the vehicle which will take you to your wedding venue, the motif for the wedding or the wedding rings. Stage four is a perfect time to begin the dance class, send out the invitations and plan your honeymoon trip.

Creating the final guest list, planning out the course of the wedding day or booking accommodation for your guests – these are the tasks that await you in the fifth stage of the preparations. The final two stages include tasks which should be completed on the wedding day and right after it.

The to-do list available in the mobile app can be freely modified by removing or adding tasks to adjust it to your needs. You can also share the list for each stage in a PDF file through e-mail or social media.

Wedding planning wedding budget

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Wedding budget in the mobile app – a simple calculator which will help you determine all wedding costs

Calculating the wedding costs is an extremely important and time-consuming task during the wedding preparations. In order to make the organisation of this special day easier for the couples, we have created a special tool in our wedding app to control the wedding costs. The budget is a function which will make sure you don’t overlook any wedding expenses.

The calculator in the mobile app has been divided into few categories, such as: wedding, bride, groom, reception, decorations, entertainment, services. Every category includes examples of expenses you need to take into account when planning your big day.

For example, the bride category includes items such as: wedding dress, shoes, bouquet, jewellery, undergarment, hair styling or make-up. All of the categories as well as the items included in them can be freely modified to match your own needs and planned expenses.

Besides knowing the price of any selected service and the amount paid in advance, you can add an individual note to any of the expenses including, for example, the payment date, or determine whether the service will be included in the budget or not. You’ll be able to check the cost summary at any time, including information whether something has already been paid for or which services still require payment.

Wedding app wedding budget

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Organising a wedding step by step

  • What should the wedding organisation look like and when is it best to start with the preparations?

    Actually, it all depends on the bride and groom and how much time they want to spend on organising their wedding. However, it is worth beginning the wedding planning in advance. One year seems to be the optimum time period to plan a wedding. It happens, of course, that the future newly-weds plan their wedding even two or three years in advance or, on the contrary, within a few months. The cornerstone of every wedding organisation is a good plan and realization of all tasks step by step according to a schedule.

  • Planning a wedding – what do to step by step?

    The cornerstone of wedding organisation is a proper plan. To avoid forgetting about something when planning your special day, it is worth using a tool that will make the preparations easier and will help you take care of every detail. Our wedding planner will be an excellent support in organising a wedding. By using it, you can make changes or enter new ideas at any time. The mobile wedding app contains a detailed to-do list divided into stages, which proves invaluably helpful in planning the ceremony. You can modify the list as you like, adapting it to your needs.

  • What features useful for planning a wedding will I find in the wedding planner?

    With the help of the wedding planner nothing will slip your mind. The mobile application was designed to help the bride and groom plan their perfect wedding step by step. The planner includes e.g. a detailed to-do list and a guest list. You can also plan your wedding budget and create a table plan. Use our app to make your wedding planning sheer pleasure!

  • Why is the wedding budget available in the app useful for the future newly-weds?

    The budget option in the wedding planner is a very useful tool in planning the wedding costs. In the application you will find all expenses allocated to different planning stages. Each stage contains specific tasks to be completed. With each task there is also an option to add a note, which will remind you about an appointment or a date of payment for a service.