A guest list is an important part of the wedding preparations. How do you create one? Who should be on it? Preparing a detailed list will most certainly help you with further planning, including e.g. seating your quests properly. In the article below you can find some useful tips on how to create a table plan taking into account the invited guests.

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  1. A wedding guest list – where to start?
  2. A wedding guest list in the app
  3. How can you prepare a table plan in the mobile app?
How to add a guest in the guest list

A wedding guest list – where to start?

Before you begin creating your guest list you have to determine the budget for your wedding. Establishing a precise budget will allow you to calculate how many guests you can invite to the reception.

Another thing to take into account when creating the guest list is the capacity of the wedding hall (i.e. if the place you chose can accommodate all the guests you want to invite). Remember that the comfort of your guests is an important factor which may be decisive for the success of the whole wedding endeavour.

Wedding guest list in app

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A wedding guest list in the app

One of the functions that can be found in our planner is a wedding guest list. It’s biggest advantage is the possibility to freely modify and make changes to the created list. A personalised guest list is a great solution, especially if you want to organise the wedding and reception by yourselves. The list can be created in one part or divided into more categories, such as friends, closest family, colleagues, groom’s family and so on.

What’s more, the functionalities included in the list allow you to describe each of the guests in detail. What are they? You can find out below.


The guest list included in the mobile app allows you to enter information on guests that require a special menu. Are there vegetarians or vegans among your friends? Or perhaps some of the guests are gluten or lactose intolerant? Make sure to mark it in your guest list by adding a note to each individual guest.


This option is especially useful for couples who want to invite a large number of guests from outside the town. The guest list allows you to mark the guests which will require accommodation.

Wedding seating plan

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On the guest list you can easily mark guests who you have sent the invitations to, as well as those who have already confirmed their attendance at the ceremony and reception. Of course, everything depends on the type of invitation you have sent and your decision on who should be invited to the reception and who shouldn’t be invited to celebrate with you after the ceremony.


If you plan to organise a reception with children, this function may prove to be very useful. On the guest list you can quickly mark the guests who may be eligible for a discount due to their young age.

Besides the above-mentioned functions, the guest list also allows you to add accompanying persons for your guests and mark the guests requiring transport.

Wedding table plan in app

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How can you prepare a table plan in the mobile app?

The table plan included in the mobile app allows you to easily assign guests to the specific table at which you want them to be seated.

What’s more, our wedding planner allows you to freely modify the list without the need to scratch out anything or start all over, as is often the case with traditional planners. With the mobile app you can add a name to a table, determine whether it is going to be rectangular or circular and then add guests to it. Planning table placement for a wedding has never been easier!

Guest list and table plan

  • How to start creating a guest list for your wedding?

    The first thing to do before starting with the guest list is to determine your wedding budget and check whether your dream wedding hall is large enough to accommodate the number of people you are planning to invite. You can use our wedding planner to create the wedding guest list – using the app you can develop a precise list with the option of modifying it later on.

  • What functions does the wedding guest list have in our wedding planner?

    The guest list available in the wedding planner allows you to modify the list as you wish and to mark important issues such as the guest's diet, need for accommodation or transport. In the guest list you can also include information about sending out invitations and confirmation of arrival at the ceremony.

  • How to create a table plan in the wedding planner?

    The table plan in your wedding planner allows you to easily assign your guests to a specific table. You can choose between rectangular or round tables. Based on your previously created guest list you will be able to see, which of your wedding guests do not yet have a place in the table plan you created.

  • Can I save the created wedding table plan?

    Of course. You can download the ready wedding table plan in PDF and print it. In this way you can distribute the table cards in a precise way and mark the tables where quests with specific dietary requirements will sit.