You said yes – congratulations! But what now? Here are some post-engagement ideas that will help you plan the next steps leading towards the big moment!

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  1. Tell your loved ones
  2. Throw a party!
  3. Let that ring shine!
  4. Choose the date
  5. Choose or write a marriage vow
  6. Taking care of the paperwork
  7. Find a great wedding planner
What to do after the engagement

Tell your loved ones

The parents may already know that something’s up, but that’s not always the case. We realise that a rush of adrenaline and excitation can make you forget the world; however, find a moment to call your dearest ones! Announcing the engagement to everyone else can wait – some couples prefer to leave it for later.

How to announce the engagement to your friends? You can do it through calling, texting or social media – but if you like surprises, you may rather …

Party after engagement

Throw a party!

Are all your closest ones informed? Right, time to start preparing for the wedding then. But hold on a moment – you’re not planning to skip celebrating your proposed marriage, are you?

The choice is up to you, but we definitely recommend having a little celebration. An engagement is a big moment for you and your other half, and, naturally, you wish to share your joy with others. An engagement party will be a great memory and a prelude to your wedding preparations. It’s also a perfect occasion for the families and friends to get to know each other a bit before the wedding.

Some couples decide to announce their engagement during the party. Or maybe you’d like the guests to actually witness your proposal?

Thirsty for some engagement party ideas? If you’d like to choose a theme, here are some suggestions that never fail:

  1. Floral
  2. Hawaiian
  3. Hippie
  4. Boho
  5. Swinging 20s

If the weather is nice, it’s worth taking advantage of it and having a picnic or a barbecue party. Or maybe you head up to your favourite pub for some rounds instead? It’s your day, so do it the way you want!

Bachelorette party after the engagement

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Let that ring shine!

Share your engagement ring with the world! A nice manicure will underscore its beauty. Wondering which hand the engagement ring goes on? In many traditions, it’s the left hand (with the right being for the wedding ring). However, feel free to choose according to your cultural heritage and personal preferences. The same goes for the choice of the finger during the proposal. There is no fixed answer regarding which finger the engagement ring goes on. Nevertheless, in most cultures, it’s the fourth one.

Engagement ring with diamond

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Choose the date

This is one of the first steps towards your wedding ceremony. It’s worth selecting the date as soon as possible after the proposal, particularly if you have some other friends that plan to stand along the aisle in the near future. Sending a “save the date” pre-invitation is particularly important if you’re planning to have a wedding ceremony that falls on a weekend or holiday.

Choose or write a marriage vow

You may stick to tradition and choose a structured marriage oath, which is the most common solution during religious ceremonies. Among the traditional ones, there are:

  1. Buddhist wedding vows
  2. Christian marriage vows (Protestant & Catholic wedding vows)
  3. Jewish wedding vows
  4. Muslim wedding vows
  5. Pagan wedding vows

You can also decide to choose a pre-written, non-religious wedding vow or write your own. The second solution is perfect for those who’d like to introduce some longer messages and personal stories.

Are you searching for wedding vow ideas? Here are some tips that may help you to write your perfect promise to each other:

#1 Describe the ways you’ll support each other – romantic wedding wows should actually express your commitment.

#2 Don’t be afraid to go personal – mention some situations that made your relationship stronger.

#3 Never forget to say I love you!

How to write a marriage vow after the engagement

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Taking care of the paperwork

You might already have asked yourself that question – what documents do I need to get married? Fortunately, the UK doesn’t require much paperwork.

You’ll need to present a valid passport and an ID card to prove your name and nationality. Also, you should have a driving license or utility bill as proof of your address. If you were born before January 1983, you may also have to present a UK birth certificate.

Find a great wedding planner

Planning a wedding on your own is a great responsibility. It can become overwhelming at times, and any mistakes may turn out to be costly. That’s why it’s worth hiring a wedding planner that will understand your needs and vision. Taking your budget into account, an assistant can find you a perfect venue, band and photographer, not to mention choosing decorations and the menu.

Preparations for the wedding after the engagement

After the engagement

  • How to inform your friends about the engagement?

    If you have already communicated the happy news about the engagement to your family, it is also worth informing your friends about it. You can do it by calling or texting them. Currently, it is also very popular to inform others using social media. You can also organise a surprise party, during which you can tell your friends the happy news.

  • How to choose the style of the engagement party?

    If you want to share the news about your engagement at a party, you might want to think about a theme. You can plan a boho, Hawaiian, or even 1920s theme for your engagement party. And if the weather is nice, a barbecue or picnic is a great option.

  • What to do after the engagement?

    When your family and friends know about the engagement, it’s time to start thinking about the date of your wedding. The future bride can also do her nails to make the engagement ring shine even brighter at her finger! If you are planning the wedding on your own, think about choosing a tool which will help you organise your special day. Our wedding planner can be a perfect option.